Building the Future of Energy


The solar industry is as promising as it is dynamic and complex. Intricate supply chains spread across a globe that has never been more in need of a clean, renewable source of power.  The grand challenge of solar is to deliver at the cost of coal. To meet this challenge, we must rapidly innovate and scale. But the desires to innovate and scale sometimes compete. Manufacturers are discerning customers who need proof not promises. They demand technologies and components that have been thoroughly tested, have a low risk of failure, and are ready to scale. The key is to develop technologies that meet these market demands for innovation and easy adoption.

At 1366 Technologies our approach is simple. We take the most proven, safe, abundant material in the solar industry–silicon– and develop practical manufacturing solutions that increase efficiency and dramatically cut cost. Our manufacturing solutions are compatible with existing supply chain processes, delivering a large impact without the complexity. We have assembled one of the top technology teams in the solar industry and are developing a series of innovations to drive down the levelized cost of solar electricity. Our first target is the wafer. 1366’s Direct Wafer™ technology has the potential to revolutionize the wafer manufacturing by eliminating process steps, time, and waste with an elegant, scalable process. And there is more to come.

The science is understood. The material is abundant. The products work. All that is left is to build the largest manufacturing industry in the history of mankind. This is what we intend to do.

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