Doping Gradient: An Efficiency-Boosting Industry First

There are two prevailing themes in solar manufacturing, cost down and efficiency up. The reasons why Direct Wafer® dramatically reduces costs are well understood – manufacturing a product more efficiently and with lean principles will result in an ultra-low cost wafer. But the limits of conventional sawing are not just tied to cost, ingot-based manufacturing…


Why the “3D” Wafer Feature Brings Further Cost Reductions

In 2016, 1366 introduced a new wafer feature made possible with the Direct Wafer® process, the ability to grow a thin wafer with a thick border or what we refer to as a “3D” wafer. This R&D achievement is the result of our technology’s ability to locally control wafer thickness while the wafer forms in…

3D Wafter bringing further cost reductions

A Q&A with 1366 Technologies’ CTO

Earlier this year, 1366 Technologies elevated Dr. Adam Lorenz to the position of Chief Technology Officer. A founding member of the Company, Adam has played a pivotal role in moving the Direct Wafer® technology from prototype to commercial readiness. Here, he comments on 1366’s recent efficiency achievements as well as the Company’s technical road map.…