About Us

Building the Future of Energy

1366 Technologies aims to make solar energy the cheapest form of power the world has ever known. We believe that our technology has immense potential to change the world’s ability to access solar, and our vision for the future is one where solar energy displaces coal as the planet’s most inexpensive source of energy generation. We are convinced that this will happen before the end of the decade. 1366 Technologies will play an important role in getting us there.

Corporation Timeline

1366 Technologies has moved from proof of concept to commercial-ready technology, achieving technical milestones steadily and rapidly.

1366 is founded, raises its Series A financing and begins.

The team develops Direct Wafer process and is subsequently named ARPA-E awardee.

1366 closes its Series B financing.

1366 begins customer trials and is named a SunShot awardee.

1366 opens its demonstration factory and achieves 17% average cell efficiencies. The team also secures Series C financing.

The team reaches 18% cell efficiency

The 1366 team installs a manufacturing hub consisting of three, production-ready machines 19.1% cell efficiency with partner Hanwha Q CELLS.

The team extends its Series C financing with a $10M investment from Hanwha Investment Corporation and a $15M investment from Wacker Chemie.

Achieves 20.3% champion and a 20.1% cell efficiency average with partner Hanwha Q CELLS. First commercial installation, a 500 kW array, begins operation in Japan.

Achieves 20.5% cell efficiency average with Hanwha Q CELLS, named CERA/IHS Energy Innovation Pioneer, named "Technology to Watch" by PV Magazine.

Closes $18M Series E and adds Breakthrough Energy Ventures to roster of investors.

1366 takes learnings from 100 MW Direct Wafer pilot facility and begins work on next generation furnace to make multiple wafers at a time.

Direct Wafer Systems

The appeal of the Direct Wafer process extends downstream, where customers seek advanced, high-quality systems with lower technology costs. Our highly efficient manufacturing process enables 30% faster energy payback for the modules and uses safe, earth abundant raw materials appropriate for addressing the world’s energy needs at a terawatt scale.

“It has been our goal to expand our portfolio of renewable energy systems with innovative technologies that dramatically reduce cost and deliver superior performance. This installation achieves that goal.”

– Mr. Hiroyuki Otani, Executive Vice President, IHI Corporation.

The Story Behind Our Name

The “1366” in 1366 Technologies refers to the solar constant or the amount of the sun’s energy that hits the earth’s atmosphere per square meter. It’s an impressive number and a constant reminder that the sun over our heads reliably provides all of the energy our planet currently needs.