Our Team

The thing about wanting to change the world is that you need really gifted people to be along for the ride. Our team consists of some of the most sought after talent in the industry. Success often depends on those around you, and it’s the collective skills, passion and drive of our team that propel our company forward. We’re self-starters and creative problem solvers who share a common desire to address the grand challenge of this century: how to get clean renewable energy at a cost that is affordable for everyone.

Our Culture

Despite diverse backgrounds and skill sets, our engineers and staff all speak the same language, one rooted in support, creative freedom and personal development. We wake up every day with a clear mission, shared by intellectually curious people we enjoy being around. Whether it’s a five person meeting or our annual, company hike in the White Mountains, we look for ways to encourage teamwork and minimize complexity. We value self-discipline, great judgement and new perspectives that will improve our culture as we grow to become one of the world’s largest solar manufacturers.

“I’m proud to work at 1366 because I’m not only working on a good cause, I’m working with a technology that’s truly unique and innovative. The invention of a new manufacturing process is a dramatic change not an incremental improvement.”

Current Openings

There are many reasons why Boston is known as the Athens of America. The city and its surrounding area offer a high quality of life, rich in culture, history and beautiful surroundings. It is also at the forefront of the innovation economy, with a tightly integrated network of world class universities and institutions that foster breakthrough technology advancements and a public sector designed to cultivate entrepreneurship.

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